How to tell you have become a RPG geek

Being an Role Playing Game (RPG) geek and player I would like to go through some of the things that can prove that I am a true gamer.  Even if I am a girl.

  • You get excited to seem game paraphernalia
  • Your dice have ‘gotten mad at you’ when you start to have bad rolls
  • Playing in character can start to affect your day to day interactions with people (Rogues act more cunning in business deals, etc.)
  • There are different dice for different games, not just the game they came with.
  • You keep dice on you at all times just so that they will give you good rolls during your weekly game.
  • Start to think about bringing food to game rather than taking the customary food break because you don’t want to stop in the middle.
  • Set up dates inside a larger MMO with friends so that you always have a raiding party
  • Think about DM-ing just so you can attempt a total party kill where rock really do fall and everyone dies.
  • You think about game in terms of a whole day instead of an hour.
  • Explaining the length of time combat takes to a loved one is exceedingly hard and usually ends with, “You just need to play the game” or “you had to be there”
  • You have watched any Dead Gentleman Productions movies
  • Have referred to an absentee gamer as “Mark”
  • Have distinct opinions about Min/Max-ing
  • Have actually thought about bringing cookies for the DM/GM to get better luck/prizes that day.
  • Friendships have been created and destroyed by character decisions
  • You have switched dice in the middle of a game because “those dice hate me.”

If you have more to add to the list I would love to hear them.