Advice for the Unemployed

After doing years of informational interviews I was recently asked to be the interviewee instead of the interviewer.  It was a weird switch for me especially after being unemployed and laid off so many times.  But it made since at the same time because not being successful means that I get to give the hard advice.  I tried to to sound bitter but at the same time I wanted her to know that it isn’t always butterflies and bunnies in the workplace.

The advice is stuff I too need to follow myself too but now I want everyone to see it.  Hopefully those recently unemployed or laid off will take what they can from it.

First, EVERYONE should watch this video because of the wisdom that he imparts are the things that no one ever tells you.  It is a little over 15 minutes in, but well worth it.

Contact, contacts, contacts

  • Always keep your contacts fresh:  Take them out to coffee or email them quarterly.
  • Attend networking events
  • Get a mentor
  • Christmas cards/baskets = awesome
  • Join ANY and all networking groups you feel fit your needs.  YPOP, PRSA, AMA
  • Many jobs aren’t advertised so you want to make sure they know your name from somewhere positive

Metal Health is Still Important

  • Keep a savings account so you don’t have to sacrifice your ethics.  Enough for a few months at least.
  • Keep a hobby or two that has nothing to do with your job – makes you less worn out and keeps the ideas flowing

If you don’t want any one to see it then don’t put it on the internet

  • Drunk/NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pics
  • Negative former/current job statements
  • Misinterpreted comments

Life sometimes sucks

  • Watch the Conan O’Brien graduation speech – sometimes you find the best in loss
  • Someone will steal your idea – at least you know it was good enough to steal
  • Someone will fire you for what appears to be no reason – if they are looking that hard you didn’t need to be there anyways
  • You will have huge fights with other employees. – sometimes you have to fight to earn each other’s respect
  • Your plans will fail – learn from it and come back stronger
  • Sometimes people won’t just tell you what is wrong – ASK!

Communications Specific

Anyone can advertise

  • No one says it but many act like it, it may be your job to tell people the right and wrong principles and why.
  • Also, realize you won’t always win = just sit back and try to make it work
  • You may only be doing it for part of your job along with admin/project management/customer service etc.
  • But you will be measured on your advertising more than the others on average because of your degree.
  • We get laid off first – because anyone can advertise