Millenials Are Stronger Than You

I guess this blog is evolving much like my life isn’t lately.  I have been unemployed for six months now.  I have been trying to find a new job in many different careers.  It use to not be as much of a problem but for some reason this time has been hell on wheels.  Yeah, you probably think I am just one of those whiny millienials but really?!

Sob Story

Here is a sob story for you:

  1. Got out of college + had an internship for 1 month = Fired (Your not a good fit)
    • Pros – Met my boyfriend of 5 years that weekend
    • Cons – It took me a year to find another job in my field and I worked as a waitress which isn’t my fortay.
    • Also, the economy died the same week.
  2. After a failed internship at a startup + (a great internship at an agency + renewed contracts + them creating a job for me) = Laid off
    • Pro – I got some beautiful experience and met the best people in the world
    • Con – Had just moved into a new apartment the weekend before, economy still sucked, had turned down a job offer from a friend at another great agency because “I was at a great company already.
  3. Found another great startup + surgery = Laid off
    • Pro – More wonderful experience with a great company and another great title to add to my resume also, not laid off because of my surgery leave.
    • Con – Lay off part 2 makes it less, “life sucks” and a little more “you might suck”  + laid off in the middle of the summer
  4. Finally found a place I fit + Everyone I like leaving = Laid off
    • Pro – Well, finally finding a great workplace with lots to do and I thought I helped
    • Con – Everyone who was the great part of the company left.  It didn’t need someone like me even though I did so much despite what other managers thought.

After that, please people, tell me that I am a whiny millennial.  I have worked my butt off.  This isn’t all the jobs I had in the last 5 years since graduation.  I have had paying 6 jobs in the last 5 years that were in my field.  It isn’t like I haven’t tried to stay and help the companies be successful.  If you count the jobs that I took part time or was not paid for I have had almost 10 jobs in 5 years.

Please, tell me that I am not applying myself.

I’m Just Mad

I guess I am just mad at the world.  A world where people don’t have retirement enough to retire so I can’t take a job at the company because everything is filled by skilled works like my parents and grandparents.  A world where I don’t get a job until I have experience and I can’t get experience without a job.  Or an unpaid internship and living in a studio apartment on food stamps.

I have been on government assistance for most of the time I have been unemployed.  I saved money but it is never enough to cover rent, bills, and food.

I Failed

All millennial feel like we have failed to live the “American Dream” that we were sold as children.  We were suppose to have the perfect job offer within months of being out of school with a short stint as a waitress.  Not months and years of people saying, “no,” “get experience,”, or “you aren’t a good fit.”

But It Doesn’t Mean I Gave Up

But yet, I keep trying.  I get back on that perverbial horse and plug along.  Even if there are days that I yell at God and cry alone in my apartment when I see everyone around me doing something with their lives.

I go out and try for another job.  Look for the best parts of my last one to show to the next one.  Try to see what I learned at the last job as great experience.  “Always look on the bright side of life,” as Monty Python would say.

Millennials Aren’t Failures

So, no, I don’t think millennials are failures and it isn’t just because I am one.  It is because everyone one I meet is working their butts off to meet the right people.  Help each other find the best company and even give each other advice that other generations may have left out.  Yeah, we occasionally sound like the French judge at the Olympics but we are brutally honest about things from grammar to what we are looking for in a job.

It sounds silly but I still think I can change the world, even after almost 10 jobs in 5 years. That is the hope I try to resurrect every time I am met with a lay off.

Hope, that is what you can’t take away from millennials.


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