It’s Ok to be a Fan

Recently I saw the following video about Whoopi Goldberg‘s reaction to an Autistic fan who thanked her for her work on Star Trek Next Generation as Guinan.  This role encouraged him to join a Star Trek fan club where he learned how to socialize with people and is now at a good job and happily married.  Just watch her reaction.

As you can see it is ok to be a fan.  Why? Because artists don’t always get to hear that their work was good, inspiring or meaningful.  Usually they hear it from friends and family which as well know can not mean as much.  So, when an artist or celebrity of any sort hears that you love their work, and how it has affected your life it is, well, everything you could have ever wished for.

My friend, Princess Bob, who recently met a member of Dead Gentlemen Productions, a production company that has a host of great films she loves.  She had me watch all the Gamers movies and the Demon Hunter movies.  I even got into playing the test game of the Demon Hunters RPG.  Princess Bob was afraid she was becoming a total fan girl and freaking out about the fact he would be at the convention.  But I told her she was fine.  She met him in the hall and they spoke like friends for several minutes before singing the theme song to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 together.  He was great and appreciative to really appreciate the support.

I only have a few recommendations for not being a creepy fan girl.

  • Try to to cry if you can help it
  • Attempt to talk in a normal cadence
  • Talk about your favorite work of their’s
  • Remember they are just another person but have done something you think is great
  • Ask before taking pictures
  • Thank them for their work and their time.

But these are my rules.  Do whatever you want because you are the fan and know the celebrity relatively well.  So, forget about acting cool around your favorite author, artists, director or random celebrity.  Be a fan and express yourself honestly.


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