Jonathan Coulton’s Filk

Jonathan Coulton is a musical genius. Not pushed by big corporations and so is still really honest. I admit I found him with his Baby Got Back cover but it opened a whole new world to me. I already had a thing for funny/humorous musicians like Barenaked Ladies so it was a great fit.

I love the songs like Code Monkey, Re: Your Brains, and of course Skullcrusher Mountain. As a marketing person I think it is amazing that you can listen to almost all his music before you buy it on his website. While writing this post I just realized he wrote a song called, “Red Shirt” for all the Trekkies.

For me I also took a year of American Sign Language and there is a guy named Capitan Valor who does sign songs. This means that he will translated music which deaf people don’t get much out of normally into ASL. But it can be complicated like sometimes you have to create a brand new sign. For instance this guy does sign language for Jonathan Coulton songs. He did one for Re: Your Brains where he made a sign for “Eat Your Brains” and it was amazing. Well, just check it out.

What is your favorite song?  Or maybe there is a filk singer I should know about.


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