Monty Python Reunion

One year I found Monty Python and that was it. I don’t eve know where it came from. but from then on I looked for the Flying Circus on cable reruns and watched the Holy Grail, well, religiously. I even got to see Spamalot which Eric Idle based on Holy Grail.

I even got a church group to play Life of Brian at a youth function. Yeah, that scene at the window stopped the party dead.

I taught myself the silly walk from the beginning of the sketch and did it down the hallway of my school. I even literally got the t-shirt of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

I downloaded songs from I’m a Lumberjack to just the audio for the Cheese Shop. To this day I still pick up Monty Python t-shirts when I can find them. I even have a request at a great t-shirt shop in Victoria, BC called Utopia because they once had a great Lumberjack shirt with the whole song written on the back.

Now I get to see them come back with a full blown Monty Python Flying Circus! They recently announced the reunion, sadly one short. But I can’t wait to see their new skits.

Do you have a favorite skit or song? I’d love to know.


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