I’m Not a Video Gamer

So, yeah, I am not a geek who plays video games.  I played a little bit of Mario Brothers with my brother, and my boyfriend but still get upset.  I am nowhere near as good as the people I sit next to.  So, how am I suppose to keep up?  I am also not the type to play by myself after a frustrating day.  Doesn’t exactly help when I can’t figure out how to jump, use the awesome thing I just got or kill a goomba.

Part of me feels like less of a geek because of this.  The old definition is, plays video games, reads all scifi and fantasy, plays RPGs, etc.  But I can’t always deal with playing video games.  The only one I can play constantly is Super Smash Brothers.  That is because no one is trying to do anything together.  I can’t deal when someone kicks me off the screen but I can deal with it if I am fighting against you.

I guess that is why Heros of Might and Magic worked so well.  I needed someone to compete against.  I could conquer things and see where I had been and what I had won.  So, I could say I got something.  Same thing happens with Smash Bros. because you can see the loot you got or how many kills you got.  I need a little success in my life I guess.

Maybe I need someone to teach me how to play.  My brother may have tired but that was over 20 years ago now.  My friends and boyfriend kinda expect me to know how to play and when I ask how to play it is during combat.  Plus can anyone tell me where in the game there is a how to section so I can learn how to use the fricking controller?  I get tired of all the guess work and comparing it to a previous game in the system doesn’t help me one bit.

I don’t know if others have experienced this but when I play with a group of girls on Super Mario Bros or another corporative video game I seem to have a better time.  It seems that my girlfriends are more patient even if there is a time limit because we know that no one wins if just one of us makes it through most of the level.  But I find for boys that they just want to win and it doesn’t matter who gets to the end because everyone is happy about it in the end.

It could be due to my introverted nature but I always seemed to feel better about games like pinball rather than the video game consoles at the arcades.  I even had issues at an arcade party a friend had getting upset and needing to stop playing because I could feel the throwing the controller gamer rage.  But the only person who stopped me was my friend J-chan.  She slowed me down somehow.  I was a little peeved at the time but kept playing.  After a while I got the rules of the game and started to win.  I asked her if she was letting me and she wasn’t.

For me I really need a set of rules to start, a glossary or forum to look things up in and a friend who will help me calm down rather than throw my controller at the screen or leave in a huff.


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