Born Again Geek

I like to say I am a Born Again Geek because I don’t feel like I came back to geekdom until after I met my boyfriend and current friends group ,after I graduated from college. Yeah, I was in the SCA but that wasn’t Gamer, right? Vox is a gamer. I wasn’t excited to start because I knew the stereotypes of, “He will game and forget you are there.” I didn’t want that but tried anyways. After a while he got me to play Heros of Might and Magic. Yeah, I smashed and grabbed and looked for reasons for us to play together. I always lost and still have trouble being a sore loser with him. But it started something.


I ended up playing Munchkin the weekend we met (yep at an SCA event). I had played it before but as we dated I became obsessed with having all the cards and all the silliness it entailed. It played into my comedy geekdom so well. I bought the t-shirt, every expansion, and even joined tournaments (oh my!).


Then he had me watch some anime. We started watching Fullmetal Alchemist as one of the first, along with Outlaw Star. FMA I had seen once or twice but never really all the way through. Yeah, I am now in the middle of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood because Netflix won’t add the last few episodes :_( That caused me to start watching other anime like Fruits Basket, Gundam Wing, Trigun, Hellsing, Trinity Blood, xxxHolic and more. I got a little obessed with CLAMP animes because we also started watching Tsubasa Chronicles and still havne’t finished probably because I don’t want it to end.

What make a Born Again Geek?

But these things are what I felt a geek was. They play video games and dress up like anime characters. However, as I have grown in my own geekdom and looked at the Conventions and Internets of geeks I see there is more the costumes and dice. We are just people who want to share our excitement.

Much like a Born Again Christian (or at least the ones I have met) there is an excitement to share EVERYTING you know about a subject. But the subject can be like a religion to you or it can be something that you feel doesn’t get enough credit. Before I met my current friends group and boyfriend I hid my excitement for fear that people would judge me as creepy or unworthy to hang out with. Now I realize that those people wouldn’t want to hang out with me anyways. Most people love to hear about the random facts in your head about Firefly or the Muppets. But you get to learn about their love of Battle Star and Demon Hunters.

So, now I share my excitement with you. However, I am still coming to terms with my geekdom and acknowledging that I was always this way but I have to redefine with GEEK means. From the weird kid with great grades and taped glasses to Felicia Day.


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