John Belushi: SNL and Spinoffs

I was the lucky kid that had a TV in my bedroom so when I couldn’t sleep I closed my bedroom door and turned the volume down so it sounded like ant voices and watch Saturday Night Live.  I figured out who my favourite players were and even was lucky enough to watch a station that played reruns of past seasons after the new one played.

I learned that the current season‘s cast shouldn’t define the show in general.  I know that it is hard to say right now with the controversy over not hiring women of any ethnicity but they were truly ground breaking at the time they started.

I geeked out on a few skits and players. I didn’t fall for Chris Farley or Will Farrell like many of my generation.

John Belushi

I love John Belushi. He was a comic genius and could take a fall like no other. I mean where do you think Chris Farley got it? He could say things in his eyebrows that other actors had to overact with 2 paragraphs of dialogue. Just watch any of the Samurai skits. You can’t understand his language but you know what he is trying to say and it is amazing. If you look in my background image you will see that I have his Best Of DVD.

Animal House

Some people might think that part of my decision to go to University of Oregon but it isn’t. However, I do know exactly where the house was that they filmed in. I know quite a few facts about the movie. Including the house they used was actually condemned. So, you won’t find the real house because it is now a bank. The parade was filmed in Cottage Grove not Eugene. The dean’s office is an administration meeting. I love seeing the party scenes and just driving around the town telling people where everything was.

Prat Falls

To John Belushi’s credit I watched his skits so much I taught myself how to take a fall or run into a wall without getting hurt. Yeah, I did this in my band room during lunch and scared the crap out of people. I thought it was great. I also knew how to faint without head trauma but it was pretty great.

Blues Brothers

That Best of DVD is where I first saw the origins of the Blues Brothers with and impersonation of Joe Crocker. This lead me down the primrose path to watching and loving the Blues Brothers in all its incarnations. I have most of the CD’s from the band as well. One of my favourite songs is “I Don’t Know.” I went to see a Jimmy Buffet concert with my mother as a kid and recognized the sax player as part of the Blues Brother’s band. When I went to the House of Blues I bought awesome trinkets like harmonicas, and the hat so I could do my Blues Brothers impressions.

Simply the Best

I think John Belushi is in the ranks of Fatty Arbuckle in revolutionary comedians.  How many comedians do you know that have had a music career with their comedy? He invented the spinoff from the sketch with Blues Brothers. Any comedian aspiring for a career after SNL is idolizing Belushi in some way.

As you can see my crazy fan girl is showing. I can’t help it when I am impressed by comic genius. I hope to introduce him to many generations even if I have to explain the jokes.

So, who do you think revolutionized comedy? I would love to know so I can share you crazy fan girl moment too.


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