Comedy Nerd

I love comedy but who doesn’t?  However, I fall somewhere between loving to laugh and loving to make people laugh.  But it is one of my geekdoms that I probably want to meet more comedians than other famous people.

I didn’t realize how much I could geek out on comedy until I tried to write today’s post.  Don’t worry I didn’t scrap it but I did realize that no one should have to read a 10,000 word blog post.  So, I’ll try to start something new tomorrow called Silly Saturdays.  During this I will try to share some of my favourite comedians, comics and comedy related things that everyone should know about and that I personally geekout about.

I could list them here but that would be tedious.  But I can give you a few highlights.

  • SNL:  Love it but there are a few players that were better than others.
  • Stand-up:  I have a thing for stand up comedians.  Both hillbilly and downright strange people.
  • Movies:  I like movies that point out flaws in society or history in hilarious ways.
  • Music:  I tend to collect funny music and musicians.  This would be musicians I feel aren’t necessarily filk singers.

Let me know what your favourite funnies are?


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