Finding My Place: Drama Nerd

As you can read in my first post I grew up with intense alienation at school. But my mother found a refuge for me in Methodist Church camps. I went once a year. I got to a point where lived on that week for most of the year. It was the bright spot in my year. I got to nerd out with other people by doing more youth events in the Methodist Church and talking about how awesome camp was.

The camps grew with me from 3rd grade all the way through high school. I found that I could join a camp called MADD. Not Mothers Against Drunk Driving but Music Art Dance and Drama. At the camp we did a performance on Friday that everyone prepared for all week. We did acting, dance, set design, band, and everyone was in the choir. It was the best thing ever for me because my high school had no drama program and a sliver of an art class but I lived for the music, dances, and acting. I did drama all four years. I once tried out for a solo in the choir but still regret stepping down at the last minute. The first signs of my perfectionist when my voice crack even though I had been practicing all afternoon.

Every year I watched the girls and boys from the city. I knew their styles and tried to emulate them and become their friends. It didn’t always work. But for the most part I found my niche, my friends and my own special style. Some of the style came from the dress up nights that ranged from 80’s to superheros. This allowed us to be creative in a less restrictive way.

It helped me realize I love to act and dance and sing. I am not the best but I know it is fun.


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