The City

My frist obession I can think of is the city. When you grow up in a town of 300 people you will do anything to not talk to your cousin everyday. However, it is outside the definition of geek that I grew up with. It is also one of the few geekdoms I found for myself except for the introduction.

My mother was good to take us to Portland (the largest city in my state) to keep us open to ideas outside of a small town. I enjoyed every minute of it and relished going on the 3 hour drive to Portland. I knew places to visit and I could watch people and they wouldn’t mind. A place where I could honestly get lost in a crowd and no one would know my name. I loved the art galleries, museums and ridding the Max. I still love reading all the homeless signs too. Then the architecture. You could just feel the history around you.

Everything was so close together and right there. You could walk everywhere and it was most times easier than driving. I dreamed simply of walking to the grocery store and walking back to my apartment with the nights dinner supplies.

When we were in Saturday Market I thrived on the foreign and different. The farther away it was the better it was. The more India, Chinese, Japanese, African, Russian the better. I never went for florals but went straight to hippy from my conservative town. It was all new and much of it was in fact shiny like belly dancing shashes.

But the more metropolitan it was the better it was for me. I even tried to be very trendy in middle school wearing heels and dressing like I walked out of the InStyle magazines. I figured city girls wore stylish clothes so I would become one of them. Didn’t get me friends but helped my self esteem a little.

The first chance I got in high school I got dressed up in a casual but stylish outfit and walked around downtown of Victoria, BC while I was on a family vacation. It was one of the best 3 hours of my life. I was independent, stylish and in the middle of something bigger than myself. I loved that time so much that I still visit there once a year if I can.

I loved all that was city and foreign and it didn’t always matter what it was. I think that intense love of the city and wanting to share all these experiences with my friends makes it a personal geekdom.


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