Other’s Geekdoms Becoming My Own

I’ve always been good at geeking out. I once said in an interview, “I can get excited about anything.” Yep, I really said that to a possible employer thinking that would get me a great internship. And nope, it didn’t work. But it was true about most of my life. Show me something that you think is epic and I want to experience it with you.

In college, I didn’t really know anyone at all. Coming from such a small school didn’t lend itself to seeing anyone from anywhere I may have possibly known from my hometown. Once again, I can count them on one hand. I was luck enough to have a dorm-mate who loved Rocky Horror Picture Show and had tried out for the Forbidden Fruit shadow cast which was a university group. She invited me to join at the first rehearsal as she knew they still needed cast. So, I came and realized, “They talk at the screen just like me?!”  Safe to say I was hooked and tried in vain to create my own callback lines that didn’t always work. They invited me to be Eddie which I was on cast for 3 years performing.  That became my geekdom for a while. I even tested a new campus pastor by mentioning in passing that I was part of the cast and when he didn’t flinch I knew he was awesome.

Rocky Horror was the beginning of a beautiful geekdom. It help me see that there were cool people in Eugene. I ended up finding a geeky place in Ballroom Dancing, the SCA and even a small amount of anime (starter of Fullmetal Alchemist) along with a full dose of Discovery Channel.

It also help me connect with my current friends.  Realizing I had been to see an 18 and over show in Portland that she was at.  We now attend the local cast at the Kiggin’s Theatre monthly.  To the geekdom credit we are probably the loudest people in the audience but give them time it is a new location for the cast.  🙂

As time has gone on I want to look back on my life and expand my definition of Geek.

What else did I really get excited about all on my own?  Can I still be geek if it isn’t scifi, or movie oriented?  What are you excited about that isn’t quite geek in your opinion?


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